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Machining Capabilities

BAARGA DIE CASTINGS have considerable capabilities to provide solutions to the complex manufacturing needs and challenges of our clients.  Whether asked to create a prototype, address a one-time precision manufacturing solution, or support high-capacity production needs, we fully recognize and respect the importance of providing process efficiencies, superior accuracy, on-time delivery, and high tolerances.

To assure that we deliver optimal performance and results in all of these parameters, BAARGA is resolutely committed to an investment in state-of-the-art technology, including 4-axis VMC machines, providing our clients with precise machining capabilities.

Tooling Capabilities

BAARGA DIE CASTINGS has its own tool manufacturing capabilities to design and develop jigs, fixtures, and other special-purpose machinery and tools to suit the need for machining and its inspection processes. This helps BAARGA to automate its process to achieve higher standards in quality and in achieving higher outputs in productivity. Some of our in-house custom-designed tools and types of machinery are.

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