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Since 2018, BAARGA DIECASTINGS has been providing Casting Solutions in the field of Aluminium and Zinc Gravity Die Casting and Pressure Die Casting. From its inception, the company has developed itself to support both high volume and low volume businesses to suit its customer's needs


More About Us

Established in 2018 by Mr.D.Balakrishnan, BAARGA DIE CASTINGS was started as an Aluminium and Zinc Die Casted Component Manufacturer. The company was built on the base of Mr. Balakrishnan's  30+ years of expertise in the Field of Special Purpose Machinery Manufacturing and Automation. 

From the day BAARGA was founded, the company was built to be versatile to combat high volume and low volume businesses as per the needs of its customers.

The Company believes in continuous up-gradation in its Technical Capabilities to provide custom-built production systems to assist in processes. The company believes in Automating its processes to achieve a higher standard in quality as well as a higher scale in productivity.

The company is built on a Meeting Customer Requirments - fostering a company culture that believes in achieving Customer Satisfaction and forging Strong Customer Relationships.

Decades of Experience in the field of Special Purpose Machinery Manufacturing helps the organization to work alongside customers in achieving a design for manufacturing. the company is focused on improving the processes and technologies in the shopfloor.



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